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Weapon Types

Dagger 1-6 One Double-edged, 6"-1' blade
Tanto 1-8 One Short, stabbing spike, less than 1 foot long
Shortsword 1-8 One Sword with a 2' long double-edged blade
Staff 1-8 One Long pole, effective for clubbing
Short Bow 2-8 Two 3'-4' tall bow, used with arrows
Wakizashi 1-10 One Sword with a 3' long single-edged blade
Broadsword 1-12 One Long, broad-bladed, double-edged sword
Mace 1-12 One War club with spiked ball on the end
Long Bow 2-12 Two 5'-6' tall bow, used with arrows
War Axe 2-12 Two Short-handled hatchet with single-sided blade
Saber 3-12 One Sword with slightly curved, single-edged blade
Morningstar 2-14 Two Heavy, spiked metal ball chained to a rod
Longsword 2-16 One Sword with a 5' long double-edged blade
Battle Axe 2-16 Two Short-handled hatchet with double-sided blade
Katana 3-16 One 4' long single-edged sword
Claymore 2-18 Two 5' long double-edged sword
Warhammer 3-18 Two Heavy mallet, effective as bludgeon
Dai-Katana 3-21 Two 5' long single-edged sword
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Metal Types

Metal Type Bonuses to Hit and to Damage
Iron -1
Steel 0
Silver** 0
Elven +1
Dwarven +2
Orcish +3
Mithril +3
Adamantium +4
Ebony +5
Daedric +6

**Note: Some creatures, such as werewolves, can only be harmed by silver weapons.