This a list of all the recipes for potions that I could find. Use these in the Potion maker.

Potion Recipes
Water WalkingPure water, Yellow rose, Palm, Sulphur
Water BreathingRain water, Elixir Vitae, Ivory
StaminaPure Water, Aloe,Ginko Leaves
Restore PowerNectar, Werewolf's blood,Silver,Saint's Hair
InvisibilityRain water, Ectoplasm, Diamond, Nectar
Shadow FormRain water, Nectar, Malachite, Black rose
Heal trueElixir Vitae, Red Berries, Pine Branch, Unicorn Horn
Resist PoisonSnake Venom, Ichor, Golden poppy
Resist FireIchor, Amber, Red flowers, Fairy Dragon Scale, Cactus
HealintElixir Vitae, Yellow Berries, Mercury, Troll's blood
Orc StrengthOrc's Blood, Iron, Rain water
SlowfallingPure water, Black poppy,white poppy
Cure DiseaseElixir Vitae, Fig, Big tooth
Resist ShockIchor, Lodestone, Yellow Berries
Resist FrostTourquoise, Ichor, White Rose, Pine Branch
Chameleon FormRain water, Nectar, Green Leaves, Yellow Berries, Red berries
LevitationPure watter, Nectar, Ectoplasm
Cure PoisonIchor, Small tooth, Pearl, Giant Scorpion stinger
Free ActionSpider Venom, Twigs, Bamboo, Ichor
SilenceGreen Leaves, Malachite, Nectar
RegenerationRoot Bulb, Troll's Blood, Red flowers

Please send in any more recipes that you know of and I will put them on this page. Thanks!