How to join: You need 22% in one of the Guild Skills

Guild skills: Archery, critical strike, dragon, etiquette, giantish, long blade, medical.

Training Skills: No training

Features: No payment for quests, though your rep increases with the townspeople.

Some of the Knightly Orders in the Iliac Bay

Knights of City-States:

Daggerfall (Knights of the Dragon)

Protectors and warriorsfor the city and the royal family of Daggerfall. The knights are lead by Lord Bridwell, who is intensly devoted to the royal family. But Mobar, his second-in-command, questions the royal family's honor and is considering leading a revolt against them.

Sentinel (Knights of the Moon)

Protectors and warriors for the city and royal family of Sentinel. Their recent defeat at the hands of Daggefall meant a change in their hierarchy. They are a fairly new informal group. Their official leader is Vhosel, but he is usually too busy with affairs at the palace to give them much notice. K'avar, the warlord, involves himself in their affairs when his own knights are elswhere. Their unofficial leader is Ulfahn, a sergeant in their ranks with a lot of charisma.

Sentinel (Knights of the Candle)

Personel retinue of K'avar, warlord of Sentinel. They act more like spies tha knights. They even have several different uniforms so they can go into combat incognito if K'avar tells them to.

Wayest (Knights of The White White Rose)

Protectors and warriors for the city and the royal family of Wayrest. The knights are rather divided right now - some supportive of any action of the king, others furious about the possible prospect of a Dark Elf heir. Many are upset at the foundation of Orsinium and the displacement of the peasantry from the foot of the Wrothgarian Mountians, other believe the right place for the Knights in times of trouble is at knig's right-hand. Lord Woodborne and Lord Darkworth are both member of the Knights of the White Rose.

Knights of towns:

Anticlere (Knights of the Flame)

Protectors and warriors for the town and royal family of Anticlere. They are sworn to guard the Flytes, though they are curious why they are not permitted to stop highwaymen outside the Anitclere limits, but to keep their activities to the palace and towns of Anticlere. Several of the better-looking, dimmer knights are personnal guards of Lady FLyte, and enjoy great privilages. Everyone is pretty loyal and dedicated and grateful as they are to the Flytes for rescuing the town formerly known as Reich Gradkeep.

Lainlyn (Knights of the Horn)

Protectors and warriors for the town and royal family of Lainlyn. The lord of the town is a bit of a tyrannical bully, and so are the knights. A lot of their time is spent intimidating peasants for tax money and trading jokes about Lord Kain's men-the Knights fo the True Horn, who are still gathering steam in High Rock.

Glenpoint (Knights of the Owl) Protectors and Warriors for the town and royal family of Glenpoint.

Dwynnen (Knights of the Raven) Protectors and Warriors for the town and royal family of Dwynnen.

Avibon-Gora (Knights of the Wheel) Protectors and warriors for the town and royal family of Avibon-Gora.

Totambu (Knights of the Scarab) Protectors and warriors for the town and royal family of Tatambue.

Santaki (Knights of the Hawk) Protectors and warriors for the town and royal family of Santaki.

Knights of Nobles

Lord Kain (Knights of the True Horn)

Followers of Lord Kain, pretender to the throne of Lainlyn. They have no permanen thome now and are not taking any more knights, though they are happy to employ mercenaries. Some of them realize that they will never win in their lifetimes, but their children may take up the fight.

Lord Plessington (Knights of the Cup)

Protectors of the Plessington clan. Not a very powerful or large group, but very eager to help in all the affairs of High Rock. Plessington likes to send his knights off for no greater purpose than to right a wrong, and come back with lots of interesting stories.

Knights of Guilds

Mages Guild (Knights of the Lamp)

These are primarily non-spellcasting knights, in charge of protecting the guild and representatives of the guild in dangerous territories. The knights travel to and from the various Mages Guilds around the Lliac Bay as needed, and they are granted privilege levels that correspond with memebers of the guild.

Temples (Knights of the *God Symbol*)

These knights are given the same privileges as members of certain temples.

Knightly Orders






No charge for staying at an Inn in any region where the order is present





One piece of non-magical armor per rank





No charge for staying at any inn


Knight Brother



No charge for Ship travel







Free house in region where that order is present