That Lovable Hircine

This guy, ladies and gentlemen, is the man to meet if you are a werewolf. Hircine is the Daedra Prince who created werewolves. Depressed by the fact that you can't control when you turn into a werewolf? The solution is right here. Wait until the 5th of MidYear (actually, any time will do, but he's more likely to show on this date). He will give you a rather simple quest, and if you pull it off, you will be the proud owner of Hircines Ring. Now you have 1500 spell points and the ability to change into a werewolf whenever you want!  Thanks to Hircine, you now have total control over your lycanthropy, with more positives and less negatives. In short, get it!

* There are only three ways to find the Glenmoril Wyrd witches:

1) Cheat.

2) Stumble upon them by pure blind luck.

3) Humor the lycanthope hunters, and go on a quest to find a map to the place.

This option is covered at the end of the "bad news about lycanthropy" area on this web site, in the section about lycanthrope hunters.

* The witches will almost always want an outrageous amout of gold to pay for the summoning. How much gold they want depends on your reputation with the witches, which you can raise by completing quests for them. (They give out pretty interesting quests, actually. In fact, in one quest, they have you deliver a potion that can cure lyca... Ooop! Never mind!)

* The witches will never summon any Daedra Prince but Hircine. (They have a monopoly on Hircine, so they don't need to diversify. This principle is explained in the "Economics 101" section of the web page, which will be completed... never.)

* Hircine's ring (it looks like a shield, but it's really a ring) provides the following benefits:

-> Lets you cast the "lycanthropy" spell any old time you want.

-> Makes you immune to the full moon.

-> Lets you access the inventory screen while in beast shape.

-> Lets you wield (and swing) a weapon while in beast shape: you can clutch even a dai-katana or a battle axe in your paws without any problems at all.

-> Complete freedom from "the need to hunt the innocent". (In effect, that blasted "hunt clock" freezes up and shatters into a million pieces. I wish I could do that to my annoying digital alarm clock. <g>)

-> Probably some other things, but I've never bothered to use Hircine's ring that much. Don't really need it. :-)

* According to the official Daggerfall hint book, Hircine is the guy charged with hunting (and presumably destroying) the enemies of daedras. Thus, he's sort of the "grand high assasin" of Oblivion. Which is probably why he's feared even by the other Daedra Princes. (Hircine RULES! Yes!)

Here's another tip sent in by Robert McRae:

1.) Get an artifact quest from a Knight's Guild... Any will do...

2.) The witch you are sent to visit favors, like the Glenmoril Coven, the summoning of Hircine.

3.) If you do as she asks and retrieve her heir, you will not only be told where to find the artifact mentioned by the Knight's Guild quester - you will also be able to have her summon Hircine! In otherwords, you will get the opportunity to get two artifacts from one quest - not a bad day's (or three weeks') work...

Thanks for the tip Robert!  Keep sending!