Blood Rot

You have contracted Blood Rot, which will adversely affect your health, personality, and willpower over the next several days or weeks unless you cure it. Some have not found a cure and died of this disease.

Brain Fever

You have contracted Brain Fever. It is a slow death, as your willpower, your health, even your personality trickle away, day by day. You must either get a cure or face oblivion.

Caliron's Curse

You have contracted Caliron's Curse. Some people have recovered by themselves in a week or two, but their strength, speed, and agility remain stunted. It is best to cure the disease quickly.


You have contracted Cholera, one of the deadliest diseases in Tamriel and always fatal unless help is given very, very quickly.


You have contracted Chrondiasis, a magical disease, which will consume your intelligence and innate magicka, day by day. The disease must be cured, or it will eventually kill you.


You have contracted Consumption. Your willpower, agility, and strength will slowly leave you, until you are cured or you die.


You have contracted Dementia, a hideous disease which slowly robs a victim of his or her intelligence, willpower, and even personality, until he or she is dead or a cure has been applied.


You have contracted Leprosy and will slowly waste away, a little bit every day, unless you are cured.


You have contracted the Plague, a very serious, often fatal disease. Very quickly it will spread through your system. Few who contracted it live for more than a few days unless they are cured quickly.

Red Death

You have contracted Red Death, a very serious disease which can quickly decimate a victim's endurance and even destroy personality until a cure is given or the victim dies.

Stomach Rot

You have contracted Stomach Rot. It is a permanent condition, unless you are cured, characterized by a slight daily drop in health.

Swamp Rot

You have contracted Swamp Rot. Every day your willpower, agility, and strength will fall, until you waste away or are cured.

Typhoid Fever

You have contracted Typhoid Fever, a deadly disease affecting a victim's intelligence, endurance, and health. The condition is permanent, barring a cure or death.

Witches' Pox

You have contracted Witches' Pox. It will slowly deteriorate your strength, endurance, and health until you are cured or dead.

Wizard Fever

You have contracted Wizard Fever, a sometimes merely irritating, sometimes devastating magical disease. Some have suffered this and barely noticed it before the fever broke on its own and some have been left feebleminded. Your innate magicka and intelligence will trickle away, day by day, for as long as three weeks.

Wound Rot

You have contracted Wound Rot, which will very slowly erode your strength, endurance, and health until you cure yourself.

Yellow Fever

You have contracted Yellow Fever. Your endurance, willpower, and health will decline every day until you find a cure or die.