The Complete DaggerFall File Library

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DAG213.EXE 1.4 MB The Latest patch for Daggerfall, v.2.13
A must have for all Daggerfall Players.
DAG200.EXE 1.3 MB Old Patch v.2.00
(You do NOT need this if you have patch version 2.13)
DAG195.EXE 1.3 MB Old Patch v.1.95
(You do NOT need this if you have patch version 2.13)
ADDQUEST.ZIP 50 kB Adds all quests and artifacts formerly found only in the "CompUSA Special Edition of DaggerFall". To install, unzip all files in this archive into your DAGGER/ARENA2 directory.

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Character/Game Editors

DFORGE1.ZIP 66 kB A good DaggerFall character editor.
DFREPAIR.ZIP 11 kB This program will repair all magic and nonmagic items in a save file.
DMPQUEST.ZIP 156 kB A good utility that lets you edit DaggerFall quests.
QEDIT.ZIP 77 kB Beta Quest Editor Ver 0.10
FIXSAVE170.ZIP 98 kB Bethesda Beta Save Game Repair v1.75 It fixes many saved game errors and quest errors.
DF-EDIT2.ZIP 25 kB 2nd (More Recent) Version of a Save Game Editor, by Mark Haman. It allows you to edit most statistics, attributes, and skills.
DAGGU20B.ZIP 50 kB Daggerfall Graphic Utilities v2.0b, by Jack Harmon. This lets you edit all of your attributes for a saved game.
REP177.ZIP 17 kB Reputation viewer/editor v177, by Rick Huebner
EDITBIO.ZIP 111 kB Biographical Data Editor for DaggerFall

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DaggerFall Demo

DAGDEMO.ZIP 16 MB The Latest Demo, Actually worth playing! Released 10/27/96

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DAGHELP.ZIP 557 kB Daggerfall Help Spreadsheet, by Dieter M. Durant (requires Microsoft Excel)
KWIKTIPS.ZIP 231 kB Some good tips for Beginners
DAGTABLE.ZIP 32 kB Another Excel spreadsheet with information/formulas etc...

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Music & Sound Files

DAGSOUND.ZIP 53 kB A ZIP file that contains all the below MIDI files.
DAG_1.MID 9 kB A MIDI sequence that brings to mind a wild ride through the woods
DAG_2.MID 16 kB A MIDI sequence that brings to mind a fast paced chase
DAG_3.MID 9 kB A stately MIDI sequence that seems to tell the epic story of Daggerfall
DAG_4.MID 4 kB A cautious MIDI sequence, perhaps of a thief creeping by
DAG_5.MID 8 kB An eerie MIDI tune reminiscent of a ghostly midnight encounter
DAG_6.MID 7 kB An adventurous MIDI appropriate for a sea voyage
DAG_7.MID 22 kB Daggerfall theme music
DAG_8.MID 6 kB A "sunny" MIDI tune perhaps of some care-free playing
DAG_9.MID 6 kB A powerful MIDI that highlights the approaching danger
DAG_10.MID 13 kB This one brings to mind running after the elusive solution to a quest
DAG_11.MID 5 kB This is a breezy, flutey melody with a bit of a meditative air to it.
DAG_12.MID 13 kB A brassy tune that lends itself to a parting, sad and emotional.

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Other Files

DAGUTIL2.ZIP 4 kB Save game backup utility. It Lets you have more than six saved games.
DAGBK32.ZIP 105 kB Save Game Backup Utility, Win95 Only
DAGPIC.ZIP 62 kB Display IMG/CIF files found in ARENA2 directory using PAL/COL palette files. Optionally convert images to PCXs or save PCX files to IMG/CIF. Great for creating your own character portrait. Includes C source file. Unzip to DAGPIC directory in main DAGGER directory.
TELE.ZIP 310 kB Lets you change your location in a saved game.
DFREPOBJ.ZIP 14 kB Utility to repair items in your inventory.
PKZ204G.EXE 197 kB PKZIP and PKUNZIP, The utility that you'll need to unzip any ZIP file. If you don't already have this, get it!